They Need Your Support

Water Sourcing

Provide a sustainable potable water, without having to walk several miles and carry buckets. 

Let’s do this.


Batwa’s life expediency is less than 30 years. They deserve better housing, food and medical care. 

Let’s do this. 


Approximately 10% can read and write. The elders now want their children to a school. Let’s do this.



Provide agricultural, planning, and other skills to be self-sustaining, and to keep their cultural dignity.

  Let’s do this.

They need a School Education not a Street Education.

“Batwa people are a historically marginalized indigenous community in Uganda. Their eviction from ancestral lands has relegated them to the fringes of society in many parts of southwestern Uganda. The community faces discrimination and exploitation from larger ethnic groups they live amongst”

Our Activities


It enables Batwa people to be free from indignity, marginalization, fear, harassment and abuse, discrimination, identity crisis and threats of extinction.

Human Security

To promote the security of Batwa communities, BFSDA supports initiatives that address food, health, water, and housing insecurities which are leading causes of vulnerability, illness and death; thus;

Economic development

The Batwa communities are the poorest inhabitants in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They lack basic needs, including food, clothes, and shelter.